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Elevating Support and Maintenance with Artificial Intelligence

TicketPilot is your intelligent partner in software maintenance and support. Powered by artificial intelligence, TicketPilot is designed to predict, accelerate, and enhance issue resolution processes. From identifying coding needs to gauging customer satisfaction, TicketPilot transforms support operations, providing faster, error-free, and cost-efficient services.

The smart choice for Process Excellence

The success of software products relies on the end-to-end user experience, making support and maintenance integral to this journey. TicketPilot empowers organizations to deliver faster, more accurate, and cost-effective support and maintenance services while enhancing customer satisfaction.

TicketPilot Features for Augmenting Software Support Excellence

Predictive Insights

TicketPilot anticipates whether a support ticket requires a code fix or alternative resolution paths, such as documentation or addressing unintended software use.

Automated Analysis

By interpreting ticket labels, attributes, classifications, and types, TicketPilot automates and speeds up the analysis process, ensuring efficient issue resolution.

Similar Ticket Identification

TicketPilot finds similar tickets, facilitating quicker and more effective issue resolution.

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Analyzing interactions between customers and support teams, TicketPilot measures customer satisfaction for continuous improvement.

TicketPilot: An RWAI Product

TicketPilot is the anchor product of the Real World Artificial Intelligence initiative RWAI. RWAI is driven by a passion for applying AI to real-world challenges. With a focus on innovation and practical impact, we strive to bring cutting-edge solutions, like TicketPilot, to organizations seeking to optimize their support and maintenance processes.

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